Queueing / Data Capture API

TKM9 developed an interactive experience for Kia at the Motorshow. In consisted of a monitor with a webcam feed where users would walk in-front it and become a be part of an AR experience and have their photo taken, although before they could participate were required to like Kia on Facebook. The staff had an iPad controller which was used to start the experience, take photos and basically control the whole experience.

My role here was to first develop a Kia branded webpage to enable people to ‘Like’ Kia on Facebook and well as capture their email. People could register on their mobile however the webpage was designed to best fit iPads, which were provided for the customer to use. Once the user participated they would automatically receive an email containing their photo and have the ability to easily publish to Facebook.

In parallel to the website I developed ‘feeds’ in which the controller iPad had access to, enabling staff to manage and view queue.