Data Capture API

TKM9 were enlisted as a part of the Westpac Centre Revamp to provide a range of interactive and engaging experiences for Collingwood Football Club. They were as follows:

  1. There were 3 different augmented reality pods; Side By Side – which enabled the user to take a photo with their favourite player, Premiership Cup – gave the user the ability to take a photo with the 1990 or 2010 Premiership Cup and the Retail Pod – which allowed users to try on various supporter wear such as guernseys and hats.Users could take a photo while using these pods and can either email it to themselves or post it on Facebook. My role for each of these was to store all the user data, save the photos to the web server and handle both the sending of the EDM and posting to Facebook.
  2. The Great Kick is a game where the player had a number of kicks at goal. Motion tracking was used to detect the actual kick. My role on this project was quite simple – I developed the high scores functionality. So this required me to create a database and the ability to post a new score and retrieve a list of the top scores.
  3. Falling interactive footballs

For each of these experiences I also added functionality to run custom reports outlining their various usage stats.