While working at TKM9 I created a microsite and helped create an experiential to be placed at the Moto GP for TAC and Spokes.

The website was completely developed by me in Codeigniter and had a couple of main functions;

  1. Emulate the experiential to allow users to pick clothing they like. It would also provide information about the clothing and allow a user to save and share their choices on Facebook or via an EDM.
  2. To list all of the available stockists and to also allow a user to search for their nearest stockist by postcode.
  3. To host all of the photos taken as part of the Moto GP experiential and provide a custom URL for users to be able to view their photo and choices online.

The experiential interactivity and primary functionality was developed by Simon Nguyen. I managed all the saving and uploading of the photos to the webserver and also returned him a custom URL to be printed. I also managed the EDM side of things to email the user their photo if they requested it.